Towards a global vision and partnership on the Sustainable Land and Climate Risk Management

About the Drylands Week

The First Africa Drylands Week brought together scientists, policy and decision makers, practitioners, local communities, men and women, and development specialists across circum-Saharan countries to:

  • Share and discuss the lessons and experiences from the main development programs in achieving suitable resilient land and climate management systems;
  • Envision synergies in knowledge-based management, best practices and policy review of resilient communities that achieve both human well-being and ecological sustainability; and
  • Develop clear plans for collective/coordinated action between the stakeholders in mainstreaming to the implementation of the three Rio conventions (UNCBD, UNCCD, UNFCCC) as regards sustainable land management and climate related risk management as well as a contribution to the implementation of the Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel Initiative (GGWSSI)

 During the week participants:

  • Explored scientific advances in climate, environmental and socioeconomic sciences (interpretation of past climate, remote sensing of land use/land cover change, projections of future climate change, and local knowledge in decision making) and share these advances with local, national and regional development institutions
  • Compiled and shared best practices, local knowledge, lessons, existing techniques and success stories that will serve as mainstreaming to the three conventions (UNCBD, UNCCD, UNFCCC) on sustainable land management (SLM) and resilient communities across Circum-Saharan countries and define how these can be incorporated into the strategy and the national action plans for the implementation of the Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel Initiative;
  • Identified gaps and areas of collaboration in scientific and policy research and capacity development to overcome the scientific and technical challenges of sustainable land management and adaptation to climate change across Circum-Saharan countries;
  • Exchanged on the implementation of the UNCCD 10-year strategic Programme and provide recommendations on ways forward for SLM activities and climate resilient strategies in the circum-Sahara countries.



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