Towards a global vision and partnership on the Sustainable Land and Climate Risk Management

Commitments from UNDP

The Drylands Development Centre is the central entity within UNDP to spearhead drylands development. The DDC works through the global framework of the « Integrated Drylands Development Programme » IDDP).

The IDDP is a multi-donor programme combining three areas of intervention:

  •  Mainstreaming drylands development issues into national planning and budgeting frameworks;
  • Strengthening the governance of natural resources particularly decentralized governance of land/water resources; and
  • Building the resilience of dryland communities to climate and socioeconomic change –  with a strong focus on drought risk management.

The IDDP operates at the poverty/environment nexus; we are increasingly working at the desertification/climate change intersection with the objective of alleviating poverty and enhancing the livelihoods of dryland communities. The services we provide include:

  • Policy advisory services; technical support for programming;
  • advocacy to raise the profile of drylands;
  • knowledge management; and catalytic funding to mobilize partners and resources.

Currently, the IDDP is operational in 17 countries in Africa and the Arab States; we are gradually expanding our operations to Asia.

The provision of technical support along with flexible/catalytic funding is very much appreciated by Country Offices, particularly for the development of large/integrated drylands programmes at the national and local levels.  We often come in at the early stages of programme cycle; whether to support the integration of adaptation to drought into a “National Programme to Scale-up the MDGs” in Syria, or for the development of an SLM programme in Uganda, where the DDC funding is also co-financing the GEF component.

We also work at the regional and sub-regional level; for example we have supported the establishment of the SADC Land Reform Facility and are now discussing with the SADC Secretariat the continuation of this support. We are also working at the interregional (South-South) level and we have just launched the Africa- Asia Drought Risk Management Peer Assistance Network, a project funded by Japan.

At the global level, we work closely with CCD Secretariat; we undertake joint activities such as the recent submission to the MDG Summit of a policy publication on “MDG Achievement in the Drylands”, as well a publication submitted in Copenhagen on “Adaption to Climate Change in the African Drylands”. We also represent UNDP on the management committee of the “UN Decade for Deserts and Fight against Desertification”; we have provided substantive input to develop the strategy and have supported the Africa launch together with UNEP.   We also compile UNDP’s Global Report to the UNCCD with input from the COs worldwide.

DDC is committed to supporting the expanded vision of the Great Green Wall Initiative (GGWI) through:

  • contributing IDDP good practices and knowledge sharing mechanisms;
  • working closely with our UNDP COs at the country level in conceptualizing the UN Development Assistance Frameworks in response to national poverty and environmental priorities including the GGWI vision;
  • contributing pro-actively to any follow up from this event (including possible regular Dryland Week events)


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