Towards a global vision and partnership on the Sustainable Land and Climate Risk Management

World Agroforestry Centre has 25 years of experience in working in partnership with countries throughout the Sahelian region to develop tree-based solutions for food security and environmental resilience.

Agroforestry is an essential means to creating sustainable land management and a successful Great Green Wall, while improving local livelihoods at the same time.

The Centre is pleased to provide full technical support to the Great Green Wall Programme based on its wealth of experience and scientific knowledge, and tree technologies. We will accomplish this with and through our many strong partnerships at the global, regional, national and local levels, including farmer and community groups. We pledge 11 commitments to the Great Green Wall.

I would like to lead you through these 11 commitments:

  •  We will provide technical support to create systems of Rural Resource Centre that provide the best-quality tree genetic material to farmers in the Great Wall Projects throughout the region.
  • We will expand our work with national partners to accelerate the domestication of high-value Agroforestry tree species, that provide higher income, greater food security, and better nutrition and health, capture more carbone.
  • We will support the development of a complete a full tree cover assessment for the Sahel, in association with key partners, by mapping the density of trees on farms and in natural ecosystems. This we can use establish baselines for evaluating the progress of the GGW, particularly the expansion of Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration.
  • We will build a soils and land health data system on the platform of our African Soils Information System that will enable the most effective and scientifically-based targeting of GGW projects and interventions.
  •  We will establish at landscape scale a distribution of sentinel sites that monitor land health including above and below ground biomass production, carbon stocks, biodiversity, and water availability.
  •  We will develop recommendations on the most valuable and useful tree species to be included in the tree extension to communities, including both indigenous and exotic species that will maximize livelihoods and income generation for farm households to meet the future challenges of a changing climate.
  •  We will increase the productivity of smallholder and pastoral systems through the integration of multipurpose tree species in these systems,
  •  We will support the sustainable diversification and intensification of crop-livestock-tree systems and silvopastoral systems.
  •  We will help to develop an information portal to provide knowledge to all of the concerned communities of practice on Evergreen Agriculture, Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration, and other aspets of Agroforestry for farmlands, grazing lands and dry forest systems.
  •  We will collaborate with our regional and national partners to develop policies that provide farmers and communities more positive incentives to establish trees on their land for the benefit of their own households and the nation.
  •  We will help to create a scientific network to tackle the key research questions that came out of the working groups this week, as a member of the CGIAR and in collaboration with our NARS and international partners.

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  2. génial remise longuement pour tout. votre site le Net est tout simplement fantasmagorique et divin

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