Towards a global vision and partnership on the Sustainable Land and Climate Risk Management

The African Forestry Forum (AFF) is an association of individuals who share the quest for and commitment to the sustainable management, use and conservation of the forest and tree resources ofAfricafor socio-economic wellbeing of its peoples and for the stability and improvement of its environment.

The purpose of the Forum is to provide a platform and create an enabling environment for independent and objective analysis, advocacy and advice on relevant policy and technical issues pertaining to achieving sustainable management, use and conservation ofAfrica’s forest and tree resources as part of efforts to reduce poverty and promote economic and social development.

Presently the AFF has over 600 members who are stakeholders in forestry and related areas.

On the Great Green Wall for Sahara and Sahel Initiative (GGWSSI)

The GGWSSI is a now a brand name that is selling very well. We need to move very fast to capitalize on the good will that the international community has demonstrated towards this initiative, as well as other resources that can come from the climate change initiatives.

In 2009 the Government of Djibouti approached the AFF for assistance in developing the strategic plan for its interventions in the context of the GGWSSI. The AFF worked with national experts, initially on baseline studies for the country that later facilitated the development of the national strategy.

In 2011 the AFF is working with the African Union Commission and the FAO Regional Office for Africa in undertaking baseline studies inEthiopia,Tchad,MaliandNiger, in addition toDjibouti, that will also facilitate the development of the country strategies.

Further, the AFF is working closely with CILLS and the ECOWAS Secretariat to exploit synergies in their plans and programmes. Many of these address issues relevant to the GGWSSI.

The AFF is already working on climate change issues as they relate to forests and trees on the continent. The AFF is also working on rehabilitation of degraded lands and forests, forest-water relations, food-fuel-fibre nexus. All these are relevant to the GGWSSI.

The AFF is committed to facilitate other countries in developing their strategies, as well as work with them in the areas we are already working on, especially as related to the GGWSSI.

The AFF relies on its capacity to convene as well as mobilize capacity within and outside its membership to address issues in an independent and objective manner.

The AFF will work with national governments and institutions and other partners at all levels on forestry related issues that the various countries will identify for moving this process forward. The key entry points of AFF in this are in the areas of policy analysis and advice, advocacy (in particular to profile relevant issues at various forums/levels), and on specific pilots.



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